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2007 Competition Winners

My First Poem Foundation School Winner

In late 2007 and early 2008 we launched our first foundation competition and received a phenomenal response. For every school that contacted us we thank you for your support.

Judging the eventual prizewinner was a truly tough choice, but at the same time a very enjoyable and rewarding one. We eventually came to a decision though and are delighted to announce that Belmont CP School in Lancashire, have been selected for the best overall selection of entries and have been awarded £500.

When contacted the school were delighted, Head Teacher, Chris Hoddle, arranged for a photo of the winners to be taken for our website and the Foundation Leader had this response

We were amazed and delighted when we heard that the reception children from our tiny moorland village school had won a national award for their First Poems! We have already spent some of the £500 prize money on wonderful new fiction books to support Literacy in the Primary Framework in our Foundation Stage. The children are loving using the stories through their role play, dance, art and music, as well as in their Literacy lessons. Last week's “Bear Hunt” was particularly scary! We are planning to use some more of the money to build up a story CD library for our new listening station, and software to support our phonics work.  Hopefully there will be plenty left for a Storybook Party Day for all our Key Stage 1 children, to celebrate the children's achievement! Thank you "My First Poem"! Judith Peel

Belmont CP School were chosen for their witty and insightful entries and are published in ‘My First Poem 2008 - Little Voices From Lancashire’ which was published at the end of August 2008.

My First Poem Summer Holiday Competition Winner 2007

Last summer we launched our ‘My First Poem’ competition and received just over 1,000 entries! A collection of first poems were put together and after lots of deliberation Hillside Playcare Centre in Southminster, Essex were selected as the best overall set of entries and awarded £250.

Liz Lester, Nursery Leader, has bought chalk boards, magnetic sketchers, a shape game, Jolly Phonic cards, sand timers, individual sand trays and mark making equipment to use in the sand, and an Inuit house. Liz has also purchased several poetry books for the children to read and share. The children are looking forward to playing with all their new equipment.

Hillside Playcare Centre’s pupils are published in ‘My First Poem - Essex’.

My First Poem Nursery Competition Winner 2007

Following the success of the summer holiday competition, we extended My First Poem to preschools and nurseries nationwide in late autumn of 2007. This resulted in us receiving over 20,000 entries!

Again, the task of selecting the group of best overall entries was a difficult, but enjoyable one. We are delighted to announce that we have recently awarded Burnside Children’s Centre Nursery in Cramlington, Northumberland £1,000 for being the best nursery in the series.

Gillian Allinson, Nursery Leader, has purchased furniture, book racks and seating as well as multicultural dolls, puzzles, a calendar, sand trays, a paint drying rack and alphabet tubs for the children. The children love their new-look nursery and can’t wait to see their poems in print.

Burnside Children’s Centre Nursery’s pupils feature in ‘My First Poem - Northern Poets’ which was published at the end of February 2008.

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